Jul 252015

White Pantyhose over White Stockings
High Heels
Shoe Dangle
Nipple Pulling
Hairy Pussy
Cyber Skin Dildo

Layers of nylon; white stockings under white pantyhose that just happen to have the cotton gusset cut out. Let me show you how easy it would be for me to fuck you out here on the patio without having to take a thing off ;o)~ You could sit right here in this chair and get a really good view of my ass as I turn and slide down your hard, throbbing cock…riding you reverse cowgirl style I can grind into you and play with your balls & finger my clit…I feel you pulsing as you shoot your hot creamy load deep inside my pussy, mmmm.
Stroke & Wank your cock, Darling, get it nice and hard…I want to have my way with you and make us cum together…you know you love it when I take control of your cock!
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