May 172015

SC Update 681

DIM Pantyhose
Summer Dress
Clear/Pink Slide Heels
Hairy Pussy
Personal Mini Vibrator

DIM Pantyhose and slides in Cancun…oh yes, my Darling, oh yes. The humidity in the air makes the hose feel like I just put a layer of oil on my legs…so smooth, silky and shiny. Slide your hands along my legs and feel for yourself while my pantyhose covered feet play with your cock. The feel of these silky peds makes your cock grow harder and longer…your pre-cum is dripping on my toes with every stroke from my feet. You want to fuck me…not yet Darling…I am not finished teasing you. I turn until my pantyhose covered ass is in front of you and I slowly run my ass along your cock…you moan with pleasure while your cock jumps and pulses. You grab my round ass and pull me closer…you hold me tight against you and fuck yourself along my ass. Your hand makes it’s way down into the front of my pantyhose and a finger slides into my wet pussy. I know we are ready to cum together…fuck me in my pantyhose, Darling, fuck me…every drop of cum belongs to Brandi xoxo

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