Mar 252015

SC Update 677

Cervin Capri Stockings Over Pantyhose
6 Strap Black Garter
Black Slides
Hairy Pussy
Cleopatra Glass Dildo

Layers of delicious nylon, Cervin Capri Bicolore Seamless Stockings over Pantyhose. You have been fantasizing about this moment for a long time and now you are guiding your long thick cock down under the welt…slowly…feeling every delectable inch of nylon surrounding it as you slide your cock in and out…fucking the nylon layers on my leg. Slowly the precum starts to ooze out and glistens under the stocking…I slowly trace a line with my finger and put it to my lips, then enjoy your taste on my tongue. I rip the gusset out of my pantyhose and slide my glass dildo into my wet pussy…enjoying the feeling of every bead as I slide it in and out. I am so close now, Darling, and encourage you to shoot your hot creamy load of jism all over and cum with me.

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