Dec 212014

SC Update 670

Platino Cleancut Pantyhose
Pink High Heel Pumps
Hairy Pussy
Curvy Glass Dildo & Personal Vibrator
I received my Platino Cleancut Pantyhose and could not wait to show them off for you. These glossy sheer to waist pantyhose are sensual perfection on my very long legs…you would love to run your strong soft hands up and down your Goddess Brandi’s legs and ass. I cross my legs for you and rub them together so you can hear the sweet sound of nylon rubbing against nylon. I pull my bustier down under my tits and shake them for you. You get a nice close up of my round ass is in your face before I am on the floor sliding my Curvy Glass Dildo into my wet pussy. I spread my legs and fuck myself, wishing it was your long hard cock instead. As I fuck my pussy with my glass dildo, I use my personal vibrator on my throbbing clit until I cum so hard for you.
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