Nov 092014

SC Update 668

Copper Coloured FFStockings
Princesse Tam*Tam Bra & Panties
Clear/Pink High Heels
Hairy Pussy
Finger Masturbation
I am wearing a pair of copper coloured Secrets In Lace Stockings and sexy Princesse Tam*Tam bra and panties. I want you to join me in the Jacuzzi and I want you to slide your cock deep inside my wet pussy and make us cum together…your hot creamy cum belongs to my pussy, Darling. I sit on the side of the tub and finger fuck my pussy and you can hear how wet I am for your hard swollen cock. Cum, get in the tub with me, you know how exciting and hot it will be to have sex in this outdoor Jacuzzi…you can hear all the people just outside our room xoxo
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