Sep 172014

Pleaser Slide High Heels
Pink Marble & Pink Mini Vibrators
One of my Awesome Members sent me some stockings to wear and I made sure to take these delicious morsels with me when I went to Vegas. The saying is something like whatever happens in Vegas, stays there, but not with me…whatever pics we take are definitely for you to see ;o)~ I start out showing off my legs in these stockings out in the hallway and, of course, we had to stop every few minutes because someone was always walking by. I had to make it look like we were just taking a few nice photos while on vacation and that is why there are a few very prim and proper types in this set, lol. But when they were gone, I flash you my tits then quickly lift up my dress to show you my pussy…it is getting so nice and hairy. Then it was time to warm things up and for that, I had to play in my room. I strip out of my dress and play with my wet pussy…so wetting and exciting playing in public for you, mmmm. I lay back on the bench and slid the marble vibrator into my pussy and used the mini on my clit…that made me cum so hard and fast. It was wonderful to play for you in Vegas, Sexy, and I cannot wait to do it again ;o)~ If only you were there with me…I could whisper in your ear and urge you to Stroke & Wank your cock for me so we can cum together, mmmm.
Licks & Kisses
Southern-Charm Brandi