Aug 162014

FFStockings & Red Strappy High Heels
Purple Garter, Panties & Bra
Hairy Pussy
Black Glam Vibrator
Long sexy legs wrapped in nylon…the kind you want to run your hands along, from the toes all the way up to the welt. Some of you may even want to run your tongue along the seam on the back of my legs all the way up to my pussy. Oh Sexy, you know I would love that. Grab your stocking and slide that silky morsel along that long hard cock you have in your hand right now. Feel how good it is, all the time imagining it was my stocking clad legs rubbing your sweet shaft, mmmm.
Stroke & Wank your cock and shoot your hot creamy load all over my legs!
Licks & Kisses
Southern-Charm Brandi