Jul 102014

Cervin Black Pantyhose
Orange/Red Flowered Pumps
Vintage Lingerie
Pink Marble Vibrator & Personal Vibrator
In this video/photo update, I am wearing a pair of Cervin Pantyhose I received from one of my Awesome Members (Thank You, Sexy!) and a pair of flowered heels with my red vintage lingerie.  These pantyhose are so sheer and sexy with a floral lace panty.  I cross and uncross my legs for you and then slide my hand along my leg so you can hear the sound of that sweet nylon.  Then I spread my legs wide and I know you are stroking and wanking your cock…I wish you were here with me so you could slide it down into my pantyhose next to my wet pussy ’cause I know you want to fuck it, don’t you ;o)~  My pussy is so wet and you can hear the sound those juices make as I finger myself inside my hose.  After the clothes are gone, I lay back on the seat and slide my pink marble vibrator into my pussy, like it was your cock, and use my personal vibrator on my clit until I cum so fucking hard for you, mmmm.  Stroke & Wank your cock and let’s cum together!
Licks & Kisses