Jun 252014

DIM Pantyhose
Blue Faux Suede Open Toe Pumps
Vintage Lingerie
Curvy Glass Dildo & Personal Vibrator
I just received my latest order of pantyhose, this very well may be my last one for DIM French cut panty Pantyhose, as they have changed the style of this delicious hose. I put on a very sexy piece of vintage lingerie and my new blue open toe pumps to wear with one of my new pairs of pantyhose. My pussy is getting wet with anticipation of wearing these tight fitting treats ;o) I lift up my lingerie so you can see my naked legs and pussy before I don the new hose. I know that cock is growing & pulsing in your pants and you cannot wait to get it out and start stroking it on my pantyhose covered ass, legs & feet ;o) And that gets my pussy even wetter just thinking about it. I sit on the floor and slide my personal vibrator along my gusset covered pussy. You want to take me right there, don’t you Sexy, and fuck me in my pantyhose, mmmm. I take my curvy glass dildo and fuck myself with it, as if it was your cock, then cum all over you.
Have an awesome rest of your week, Sexy, and I hope you will spend some private time enjoying your favourite Brandi xoxoxo
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