Sep 172013

SC Update 639
Wolford Back Seam Pantyhose
Black Sling Back Heels
Curvy Glass Dildo
Wolford Back Seam Pantyhose…the seam goes all the way from the waistband, down over the ass, all the way down very long legs, it continues down the back of the ankle, across the heel and stops at the ball of the foot. And that is the seam I want YOU to run you fingers and tongue along while sliding your hand down the front of the hose and into my warm wet pussy. Would you like to spend this sunny afternoon doing just that with me, Sexy? And while you fuck my feet in these black sling heels, I will fuck myself with my new curvy glass dildo until you are ready to shoot your hot creamy load into my pussy. Grab that delicious cock of yours, STROKE & WANK it and let’s cum together!
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