Jan 092014

SC Update 648
Wolford Luxe Pantyhose
Clear/Pink High Heel Slides
Chantelle Panties

A rainy, cloudy humid day in Cancun is better than a good day at work, lol Hope you enjoy some Phun with me as we play together on the balcony with my long sexy legs wrapped in Wolford Luxe Pantyhose and clear/pink slides on pantyhose covered feet as well as bare feet…so close to your face you want to suck on every toe ;o)~ You can watch as I pull my tits out of my summer dress and point them right at you…’Here, Darling, put these little morsels in your mouth and swirl your tongue around my nipples’, mmmm. Off come the pantyhose and the panties slowly make their way down my legs and fall at my ankles. Naked with only my heels on, I lay back and slide my finger into my wet pussy…would you like to suck on and taste these fingers now, Sexy? While you do that you should STROKE & WANK your long, thick, hard cock and let’s cum together!
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