Jan 232014

SC Update 649

Corinne Seamless Pantyhose
Black Sling Back High Heels
Hairy Pussy Masturbation

I received these beautiful Corinne Seamless Pantyhose with a burgundy lace top from one of my long time members (Thank You, Sexy!) These pantyhose are very luxurious & soft and feel awesome on my very long legs. How long are my legs?, you ask. You should get down on your knees and slide those soft beautiful hands of yours up my legs and see just how long it takes you to get to the top ;o)~ You will be surprised how long it takes, especially when you spend all the time checking out my wet hairy pussy through these sheer pantyhose ;o)~ I am so wet for you, Sexy…I lay back on the sofa and roll my nipples between my fingers and finger fuck my pussy with my other hand. Are you ready to cum with me, My Sexy Lover? Just for you, Babe, the hair on my pussy is getting longer ;o)~
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